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LIGHT BRUNCH – A+B with 1 drink 19€
BRUNCH – A+C with 1 drink 23€
COMPLETE BRUNCH –  A+B or A+C dessert of the day, PLUS 4 drinks 32€
*Drinks include: House wine (red, white or rosé – 175ml), Dorada Especial, Peroni or soft drinks


Vegetable Spring Rolls
Seasoned shredded vegetables wrapped in a wheat flour pastry.
Served with a sweet chilli dipping sauce

King Prawn Toast
Minced seasoned king prawns with our special mix of garlic, ginger and coriander layered and breaded with a crispy sesame coating

Thai Fish Cakes
Traditional Thai fish cakes with chopped coriander and lime seasoning served with a coriander vinaigrette

War Tip
A shanghai style dumpling of seasoned minced pork, wrapped in a flour pastry, flash fried and served with a coriander vinaigrette


Mixed Dim Sum for One
A selection of steamed dim sum including har kao, siu mai and war tip

Steamed Black Bean Ribs
Prime baby back ribs in a rich spicy black bean glaze, served on a bed of rice

California Maki
Rice roll with cucumber, avocado, lettuce and prawns

Vegetarian Singapore Vermicelli
Spicy vermicelli glass noodles mixed with fresh traditional vegetables


Fruto Maki
Rice roll filled with avocado, cucumber, egg and kamaboko wrapped in seaweed

Singapore Vermicelli
Spicy vermicelli glass noodles with tender slices of char sui pork, butterfly shrimp and traditional mixed vegetables

Sweet Crispy Chilli Chicken
Strips of chicken breast in a crunchy coating with a rich, sweet chilli sauce. Served with steamed white rice

Chicken with Oriental Greens and Cashew Nuts
Sliced tender chicken breast tossed with broccoli, pak choi and gai lan, served in a light garlic and ginger sauce, topped with crunchy cashew nuts. Served with steamed white rice

Salt and Pepper Tofu
Tofu stir-fried with fresh chilli, diced onions, peppers and sesame seeds served with steamed white rice

Crispy Duck with a Plum, Star Anise and Sake Sauce
Half a sliced boneless crispy duck breast served with a rich plum sauce with warming star anise and Chinese white wine

*IGIC not included

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